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New product - PCR

Do you still remember the term PCR? Hey, PCR isn't used to detect Covid-19! PCR here stands for'Post Campaign Report'.

As advertisers, we definitely want to know how effective the ads we display on billboards are. This PCR can give us a clear picture of how many traffic reports occurred during the period when your ad was broadcast on EYE billboards, so that the ads placed have more accurate and detailed reports.

So, Estha wants to share an example of PCR content at EYE's new location which is located at Grand Metropolitan Bekasi.


With accurate and detailed data, we can certainly measure and analyze the effectiveness of the advertisements that we have placed. Come on, consult now to determine the right advertisement for your product!

About Us

We are part of one of the largest media groups in Indonesia, EMTEK Group. Founded in 1983 as PT Elang Mahkota Teknologi (Emtek Group), a company providing personal computer services, the Emtek Group has grown into a modern integrated group of companies with three main business divisions: Media, Telecommunications and IT Solutions, and Connectivity.

Some of the other parts of the Emtek Group:


EYE Indonesia has been trusted by more than 300 leading national and international brands


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