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These days, finding a gift for someone special in our lives is no longer a difficult task. There are plenty of creative ideas that can be turned into gifts for those we cherish on their special days. With unique or unconventional gifts, it's likely to leave a lasting impression on someone. So, here are five anti-mainstream gifts that can inspire you on that special day.

1. Custom-Made Items

Ordering custom-made items can be an option for those who want to give gifts to their loved ones, friends, family, and so on. These custom items can include paintings, artwork, or personalized scrapbooks tailored to the recipient's tastes. These custom-made items will become cherished memories that can be treasured forever.

2. Upgrading skill classes

Another way to make a meaningful and significant gift is by giving someone the opportunity to develop new skills through a gift of courses or special lessons. Skill-upgrading classes can include cooking courses, photography lessons, yoga sessions, or even music classes.

3. Membership Subscription

If you know the recipient's likes and dislikes in detail, gifting a subscription to a book club, music streaming service, or movie streaming platform can provide ongoing entertainment for them. Moreover, there are now many forms of entertainment that offer membership subscriptions.

4. Antique Collections

If the gift recipient has an interest in antique items or if you have a unique and interesting antique recommendation, giving them a rare item can also be an unforgettable gift. Antique items often come with fascinating stories, leaving a distinct impression.

5. Birthday Ads

Advancing technology has also influenced the types of anti-mainstream gifts that can be given to a loved one. Nowadays, displaying birthday ads on billboards is an option for an anti-mainstream gift. You can make these birthday ads a reality through collaboration with an advertising agency, such as EYE Indonesia.

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Through these anti-mainstream gift recommendations, remember that it's essential to consider the recipient's interests, hobbies, and personality so that the gift can be conveyed accurately. Moreover, regardless of the type of gift, the most crucial aspect is that it comes from the heart and reflects your care for the recipient. With the ideas above, it is hoped that you can give a truly special and unforgettable gift.

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