Trisna 4 Sept, 2022


Hi advertisers! There are many ways for a brand to be well-known to the wider community. One of them is advertising on Billboard media. To make the advertisement effective, let's take a look at 7 surefire ways to promote products through Billboards:

Yes, please. Strategic here means that it must be in accordance with your target market, guys. For example, if you want to advertise a car, make sure the location has purchasing power or is passed by people who can afford to buy the car being promoted.

Well, this could also be an option. For example like the picture above. One of the household needs manufacturers made in Germany, Miele, displays creative billboards that are unique and inspiring.

You know the majority of billboards in Indonesia are on the side of the road. So, make sure the message you convey is short and concise. So that the audience can read your ad even when the road situation is smooth.

I still relate to the 3rd point, guys. Messages that are short, concise, clear and easy to remember, are definitely the perfect combination for advertising your products.

More pictures certainly attract the attention of the audience to see them. But remember, don't take pictures that are meticulous and make your eyes hurt. It can be dangerous for audiences who are driving, guys.

Yes, definitely. Of course, your goal in placing ads is to increase brand awareness, right? Make sure there is a contact or website that can be contacted by the audience.

This is no less important. You might think that placing an ad a year is enough to just install 1 visual. Don't miss the golden opportunity to showcase your products more creatively, guys. Change the visuals, please, so that the audience doesn't get bored either.

Hopefully these 7 surefire ways to promote products through Billboards can be useful for you. Happy Billboard hunting guys! Admin has recommendations for good billboards in Indonesia. Let's contact our WA!

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