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Here are 8 reasons why you should create and place advertisements on Digital Signage. This reminds brands again, that in the midst of increasingly fierce trade competition, you must be careful in implementing marketing strategies. Let's listen!

1. Attractive in the Eyes of Consumers
Consumers judge that digital signage is interesting to look at. This is because digital signage can display products and promotions in the form of pictures or videos.

2. Guaranteed to Steal Public Attention
Not only attractive in the eyes of consumers. Advertisements displayed through digital signage can capture around 70% of public attention that passes through these media. We must often have this experience when we are at the mall, right?

3. Facilitate Consumers
Consumers tend to prefer stores that have video displays in their stores. Of course this is because digital signage makes it easier for consumers to find the latest products or promotions.

4. Presenting Simplicity
One of the roles of digital signage is to provide simplicity to consumers. For example, a restaurant that has a digital menu book in the form of a small screen can simplify the process of ordering food and drinks at a restaurant.


5. Improving Sales Performance
Quoted from the Asus Business Hub, a study in the UK stated that digital advertising is believed to be able to increase product sales performance by more than 30%.

6. Influence Consumer Decisions
Of course, digital signage influences consumer decisions to buy the products displayed. This is because the advertisements that consumers see repeatedly indirectly create a memory of the product.

7. Boredom Buster
Believe it or not, digital signage can help reduce boredom when consumers are queuing at the cashier. In fact, the chances of purchasing a product like our explanation in point 6 are getting higher.

8. Affordable Cost
In Indonesia, stores that use digital signage are starting to realize the benefits they can get. Not only in malls, several shops or restaurants have started to adopt digital signage. Of course, this is because the cost of making it more affordable.

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