Trisna 4 Mar, 2022


Learning from client experience, here are ad design tips on videotron. Hope it is useful!

1. Easy to remember
Make sure the design is attractive, simple and easy for consumers to remember. The easier it is to remember, the more your ad will stick in the consumer's memory.

2. Color selection
Choose a background with a bright and soft color. Avoid a white background that can dazzle consumers.

3. Illustration composition
Selective in determining the illustration. In some areas Videotron may have rules for displaying images. Consult first with the media owner.

4. To the point
Do not display too many images because it can make consumers not focus on the ad. If possible, just 1 image, 1 logo, and 1 headline.

5. Design proportion
The text size is proportional to the actual size of the videotron. You should make several options with a comparison scale and do trial and error.

6. Decorative text
In advertising sentences, you should not have too much decorative text such as underlines, italics, etc. which can confuse consumers.

7. Straightforward language
Our recommendations are not too many words. Use plain language. If possible, just 7 syllables, so that it is easy for consumers to read quickly.

8. Review before install
Always do a preview before an ad is posted. The average videotron duration is 15 seconds, make sure the purpose of the ad is well conveyed to consumers.

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