Angel Rinella 15 March, 2024

Illuminating Ramadhan: Effective OOH and DOOH Strategies

Ramadan is a highly anticipated moment for Muslims in Indonesia and is undeniable due to Indonesia's predominantly Muslim population. Ramadan also serves as an opportunity for many people to gather with family, relatives, and friends. During Ramadan, the atmosphere of togetherness, joy, and gratitude pervades throughout the country, creating a unique and valuable momentum for the implementation of various marketing strategies, including Out-of-Home (OOH) and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) strategies.

Strategic Plan for OOH and DOOH to Illuminate Ramadan: Embracing Business Opportunities The strategic plan for OOH and DOOH to leverage the momentum of Ramadan as a business opportunity involves selecting strategic locations for OOH advertisements and using DOOH technology to create compelling and effective ads to reach a wider audience during Ramadan. By emphasizing the theme and values of Ramadan, such as togetherness, generosity, and happiness, and utilizing innovative technology, this strategic plan aims to strengthen brand presence and increase consumer engagement, thus opening up greater business opportunities for companies.

OOH Strategy (Out-of-Home):

The OOH strategy creates opportunities to communicate advertising messages to audiences in public places, including the use of advanced technology. By selecting the right locations, creating appealing designs, and utilizing interactive features such as QR codes or calls to action, engagement and interaction with the brand during Ramadan can be enhanced.

Strategic Placement in Busy Locations:

During Ramadan, shopping malls, transportation terminals, and other crowded areas become the main hubs of community activities. Choosing these locations for OOH advertising ensures that your marketing messages can reach the most relevant and active audience during this period.

Appealing and Memorable Designs with Eid al-Fitr Theme:

Advertising designs should capture attention and be easily remembered by audiences, especially during busy Ramadan celebrations. Using images with Eid al-Fitr elements, clear messages, and vibrant colors can help advertisements stand out in the crowd and increase brand awareness.

Creativity in Adapting Messages to the Ramadan Theme:

Adapting advertising messages to the theme and values of Ramadan, such as togetherness, sharing, and generosity, can create emotional connections with audiences. Messages that resonate with the festive atmosphere will be more readily accepted and remembered by the public.

Utilizing Technology in DOOH:

DOOH (Digital Out-of-Home) provides opportunities to use more advanced technology, including dynamic and interactive content. By leveraging features such as real-time content updates or direct interaction via touch screens, engagement and interaction with the brand during Ramadan can be enhanced.

Integration with Social Media:

Integrating OOH and DOOH ads with social media platforms allows audiences to actively participate in your marketing campaigns. Encouraging them to share their Ramadan experiences or upload content directly to social media can expand the reach of your campaign and increase interaction with the brand.

Dynamic Content:

DOOH allows for the use of customizable content based on time and location. During Ramadan, updating content with relevant messages such as special offers, greetings, or information about local events can help increase engagement and relevance.

To welcome the Hijri year 1445, infuse creativity into your OOH and DOOH strategies to create lasting impressions.

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