EYE Indonesia Takes Us Dancing to The Rhytms of The Beolit 12!

Music is a catalyst for emotions; it makes one want to dance, love, cry, jump, relax, and much more. And what is the strongest determiner when thinking about buying a new product? Well, emotions!

At EYE Indonesia, we understand that the emotional power conveyed through sounds and visuals is a big asset for consumer brands, and we aim to take advertising to the next level. After listening to our client Bang & Olufsen, we had the genius idea to focus on the Beolit 12 wireless and portable music device, and to install a giant Beolit 12 booth at the Bazaar Art Jakarta & Casa by Bravacasa Indonesia 2014.

The premium audience, who attended the event in July 2014, met in the beautiful ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Pacific Place which was playing host to the fair. Everyone had the privilege to not only see the elegant, small and mighty sound systems, but feel them, and listen to the beautiful sounds emanating from them, which were soon convincing more than one!

Thanks to EYE Indonesia, the unthinkable becomes possible!