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In marketing strategy, out of home advertising and digital marketing have long existed as two highly important elements. However, nowadays consumer attention is often divided, so making a synergistic collaboration between outdoor advertising and digital marketing increasingly necessary as a response to adapt to advancing technology. Now, here are ways to create an effective and impactful synergistic collaboration between out of home advertising and digital marketing to achieve marketing goals.

1. Expanding Reach and Impact

The first thing to do, of course, is to expand the reach and impact supported by prior research. In this case, it's important to know what type of out of home advertising is suitable for your industry. Read more about billboard advertising formats by clicking on the following link.

After understanding the suitable type of outdoor advertising for your industry, the next step is to research current digital marketing trends. This research is useful to provide information on the extent to which the audience has interacted with your industry. Both outdoor advertising and digital marketing need demographic and location data, so marketing goals can be achieved accurately.

2. Increasing Interaction and Engagement

Increasing audience interaction and engagement can be achieved by presenting QR codes, shortcodes, or Augmented Reality (AR) technology in out of home advertising. Meanwhile, increasing audience interaction and engagement through digital marketing can be achieved through the efficient use of social media, email campaigns, and websites. If the interaction balance between out of home advertising and digital marketing is almost equal or even exactly the same, the opportunity to achieve marketing goals will be greater.

3. Using Data for Improved Targeting

Data regarding the location and demographics of outdoor advertising actually holds great benefits for improving digital campaign targeting. Once the most strategic location and demographic data for improved targeting have been well analyzed, it will provide clearer target specifications during digital campaigns. The data results from these digital campaigns can provide information about consumer preferences and behavior.

4. Harnessing Momentary Marketing

At certain moments, out of home advertising can be used to quickly respond to current events or trends, while digital marketing enables audience engagement in direct interactions on social media. Both of these aspects can have a significant impact on marketing goals, even though the process is usually done quickly to catch the current hot trends. However, despite appearing instant and easy, utilizing momentary marketing tends to be more tricky, as it requires more natural and authentic interaction. Therefore, the use of attention-grabbing words or designs is needed.

5. Building Integrated Campaigns

Nowadays, out of home advertising should not only display promotional phrases or product introductions but also consider input social media accounts. This needs to be done so that the audience can further explore a product on social media or related websites. As we know, out of home advertising usually has a relatively short duration, so additional information related to cross-media promotion methods should also be considered. With an integrated campaign between out of home advertising and digital marketing, the aim is for marketing goals to be well achieved.

So, those are the five ways to create a synergistic collaboration between out of home advertising and effective digital marketing. Thus, it can be concluded that the collaboration between outdoor advertising and digital marketing provides an opportunity to create a greater impact in today's marketing. Combining the visual and interactive strengths of out of home advertising with the global coverage and analytics of digital marketing can create campaigns that are more connected, relevant, and effective. By harnessing this synergy, a brand can deliver a strong message to consumers.

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