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OOH Ads Trends in 2022

After 2 years of the on off situation, out of home (OOH) or we actually know it as outdoor ads (billboard, videotron etc) will arise in different ways. Here are the secrets of outdoor ads trends in 2022 that you might really want to know, especially for the videotron.

1. Outdoor Ads Gain The Creativity Competition

In addition to being armed with well-known brands, advertising in 2022 will be a great challenge to the creative team. The reborn of OOH ads will make all type of brands comes with various engaging ads. Start from its content or the media design. And, media owners should be in line with these changes. More flexible in designing their media to gain clients loyalty. Check out our works here.

2. Ads Performa Measurement is More Reliable

Before the pandemic hit us, many IT guys developed measurement tools for OOH and Digital OOH (DOOH) ads. Marketers will have more reliable data to measure their campaigns. Measurements are made through surveillance cameras that have been infiltrated by the system and connected to the device in real-time. Count the number of vehicles and or eyeballs. Whereas in DOOH, measurements can also be made through logs on the media system, where marketers can find out in real time how many impressions their ads have.

3. Trigger and Programmatic Ads in Videotron Screen

The ability to change ads quickly and easily, makes more marketers activate their DOOH ads. Followed by advertising innovation with real-time data triggers, marketers can advertise around the moment. These triggers can include changes in weather, air quality, even day and night moment. This innovation is formed through the evolution of technology, so that advertising can be programmed automatically. Find out our trigger & programmatic ads here.

4. All Marketers Can Advertise

This increases competition in brand marketing strategies. Because in this era, marketers can maximize the achievement of advertising according to the budget. Through DOOH, ads are no longer based on long installation periods, but can be integrated with the audience at a certain time desired by marketers. This needs to be supported by the ability of media owners to sell hourly, or even per spot.

Source: Exchange Wire