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In Indonesia, there are several types of out-of-home (OOH) advertising formats that are generally well-received by consumers. These formats take advantage of the country's diverse cultural and demographic landscape. Here are some popular OOH advertising options in Indonesia:


Traditional billboards are widely used in Indonesia. They are effective in capturing attention due to their large size and strategic placements along major roads and highways. Vibrant and visually appealing designs tend to attract consumers.

Digital Billboards (LED Videotron)

With the advancement of technology, digital billboards have gained popularity in Indonesia. These dynamic and eye-catching displays offer the advantage of displaying multiple ads and can incorporate motion graphics to enhance engagement.

LED Videotron advertisement SCBD Lot 23 Jakarta
Example of LED Videotron Advertisement – Location SCBD Lot 23 Jakarta

Transit Advertising

Advertising on public transportation vehicles such as buses, trains, and taxis is effective in reaching a wide audience. This type of advertising is particularly beneficial in major cities with heavy traffic, such as Jakarta.

Street Furniture

Utilizing street furniture like bus shelters, kiosks, and benches for advertising purposes is prevalent in Indonesia. Placing advertisements in high foot-traffic areas, especially near shopping malls or popular destinations, can attract significant attention.

street furniture advertisement tanah abang krl station
Caption: Example of Street Furniture Advertisement – Location of Jakarta Tanah Abang KRL Station

Indoor Advertising

Advertising in indoor spaces such as shopping malls, airports, and cinemas can effectively target consumers during their leisure time or while they are in a shopping mindset. These venues often provide advertising options such as digital screens, banners, and posters.

Guerrilla Marketing

Unconventional and creative marketing tactics, known as guerrilla marketing, can be highly effective in Indonesia. Examples include street art, interactive installations, and experiential marketing campaigns that engage consumers in unexpected ways.

Mobile Advertising

Indonesia has a high mobile phone penetration rate, making mobile advertising an attractive option. This includes advertising on ride-hailing apps, mobile games, or through SMS and MMS marketing campaigns.

It's important to note that consumer preferences can vary, so it's advisable for advertisers to conduct market research and consider the target audience's demographics, interests, and cultural nuances when selecting the most suitable out-of-home advertising strategy in Indonesia.

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