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School holidays are highly anticipated period for students and families alike. It's a time when students take a break from their academic routines, and families often plan trips and engage in recreational activities.

For advertisers, school holidays present a unique opportunity to connect with a captive audience outside of the traditional educational environment. Out-of-home (OOH) advertising, with its ability to reach people in public spaces, becomes particularly relevant during these vacation periods.

In this article, Estha explore the correlation between school holidays and OOH advertising and how advertisers can leverage this connection to maximize their campaign impact.

Increased Outdoor Activities

During school holidays, families and individuals tend to spend more time outdoors, engaging in various activities. Parks, shopping centers, tourist destinations, and transportation hubs witness increased footfall during these periods. This surge in outdoor engagement provides advertisers with an ideal opportunity to capture the attention of a larger and more diverse audience through OOH advertising.

Travel and Tourism Opportunities

School holidays often coincide with peak travel seasons. Families plan vacations, visit relatives, or explore new destinations. Airports, train stations, and highways become hubs of activity as people embark on their journeys. OOH advertising strategically placed in these transportation corridors can effectively reach travelers, providing opportunities for destination marketing, hotel promotions, and travel-related services.

Captive Audience in Malls and Entertainment Venues

Shopping malls and entertainment venues experience higher foot traffic during school holidays as families seek indoor activities and retail therapy. OOH advertising within these spaces, such as digital screens, billboards, and banners, can engage a captive audience and influence their purchasing decisions. Brands can capitalize on this captive audience by showcasing their products, running special offers, or creating interactive experiences that resonate with the holiday spirit.

Targeting Parents and Caregivers

During school holidays, parents and caregivers take on the responsibility of keeping children engaged and entertained. OOH advertising can effectively target this audience segment by highlighting family-friendly attractions, educational programs, and entertainment options. Messages that resonate with parents' desires to provide enriching experiences for their children can create a strong connection and influence their decision-making.

Leveraging Digital OOH Technology

Digital OOH advertising offers unparalleled flexibility and creativity. Advertisers can dynamically adapt their messages and content based on specific school holiday themes, events, or cultural celebrations. Digital billboards, interactive displays, and augmented reality experiences can captivate audiences and create memorable moments, encouraging social sharing and word-of-mouth promotion. We have an article discussing the location of our LED Videotron assets, click this link to read the article.

Extended Exposure Periods

Unlike traditional print or broadcast media, OOH advertising has the advantage of extended exposure periods. Advertisements remain visible throughout the day, consistently reaching people in their daily routines, whether they are commuting, shopping, or exploring recreational spaces. This extended exposure during school holidays allows advertisers to reinforce brand messaging and increase the likelihood of message retention.

School holidays present a significant opportunity for advertisers to connect with captive audiences outside the classroom setting. Out-of-home advertising serves as a powerful tool to engage people during their leisure time, reaching them in public spaces, transportation networks, and entertainment venues. By strategically aligning their campaigns with school holidays, advertisers can leverage the increased outdoor activities, travel opportunities, and extended exposure periods to maximize their impact and effectively communicate their brand messages to a receptive audience.

Bandung is one of the most visited cities during the school holiday. We have several out-of-home advertising mediums in this city. Share your inquiries with us and have a great chitchat with our sales representatives. Contact us via WhatsApp.

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