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Exploring the Current Trends and Statistics of Out of Home Advertising in Indonesia

Out of home (OOH) advertising, also known as outdoor advertising, is a popular form of marketing that targets consumers when they are outside their homes...

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Completely Automated With Programmatic DOOH Ads

In recent years, programmatic digital out of home (DOOH) advertising has become increasingly popular among marketers. DOOH advertising involves displaying digital ads on screens in public places...

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What's the Best Billboard Ad Format For Your Industry?

Reporting from the Forbes page, published February 13, 2023, Gino Sesto, founder of DASH TWO - a media buying agency in Los Angeles specializing in outdoor & digital billboard advertising, discussed more about...

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7 Effective Ways to Promote Products Through Billboards

Hi advertisers! There are many ways for a brand to be well-known to the wider community. One of them is advertising on Billboard media. To make the advertisement effective, let's take a look at 7 surefire ways to promote products through Billboard...

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Ad Design Tips on Videotron

Learning from client experience, here are ad design tips on videotron. Hope it is useful! 1. Easy to remember Make sure the design is attractive, simple and easy for consumers to remember. Easier...

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5 Benefits of Billboard and Videotron Ads You Need to Know

In the digital era now, many business owners are returning to placing advertisements on billboards and videotrons. They realize the effectiveness of outdoor advertising in promoting their products. Plus, the set price...

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Benefits of Placing Advertising Ads

Hi advertisers, there are at least four benefits of placing advertisements both on billboards and videotron. Hopefully this content can be a reminder as well as motivating you to post advertisements again...

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Introduction to LED videotron EYE in Jakarta and Bandung

Hi advertisers, we have a few stories to tell. This year, LED videotron EYE in Jakarta and Bandung has become the prima donna and has been flooded with orders. In fact, several times it was almost overbooked. ...

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8 Reasons to Pass Digital Signage Ads

Here are 8 reasons why you should create and place advertisements on Digital Signage. This reminds brands again, that in the midst of increasingly fierce trade competition, you must be careful in...

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OOH Ad Trends In 2022

After 2 years of being on off, out of home (OOH) or what we usually know as outdoor advertising (billboards, videotron etc.) will appear in different ways. Here's the secret of outdoor advertising trends in 20...

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